Frequently Asked Questions

 How long has Outreach done this sort of work?

Over 40 years!

 How do I set up services with Outreach?

For Private Pay or Private Insurance services, contact 844-827-4136  and someone from Outreach will set up an assessment and propose a service plan.  For services from a government program contact Outreach and we will help you get into the system.

 Does Outreach provide a care plan which includes the specific duties my caregiver will perform?

Yes, Outreach will work with the client and/or their family to assess needs, address safety issues and establish a plan of care that meets the client’s needs.

 Does Outreach accept insurance?

Yes – from several different companies and agencies.

 Will Outreach help me submit my claims to my insurance company?

Yes, we will. We understand that dealing with insurance agencies may be challenging, at times, and Outreach is certainly willing to provide assistance and put your mind at ease.

 Does Outreach consult with my doctor or family members regarding my care plan, if I wish?


 How do I contact Outreach after hours?

Each one of our offices phone lines are answered 24/7.  You simply call the office number provided.

 Does Outreach provide care and answer telephone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?


How does Outreach ensure the quality of your service?

Through ongoing direct supervision, including supervisory visits to the home, and we also send every client a Satisfaction Survey.

 How does Outreach ensure that my personal information is kept confidential?

Outreach takes HIPAA very seriously and follows very strict procedures to maintain compliance with regulations but more importantly keeping client information confidential.

 Can Outreach ensure that the same caregiver always be assigned to me?

Outreach will work hard to insure that you are happy with your caregiver, but for many different reasons it is not possible to guarantee a caregiver will never change. Our goal is that our client is beyond just satisfied – but very happy with their caregiver AND that the caregiver also performs at a high level and meets agency standards.

 Are all Outreach caregivers bonded, insured and professionally licensed or certified?

All caregivers are insured and trained.  When required, we use professionally licensed staff.

 Do Outreach caregivers provide transportation services?

Yes, in our Non-Governmental or Private cases we do provide transportation services.

 Will my Outreach caregiver be supervised by a nurse?

If needed your care giver can be supervised by a nurse.  All of our Supervisors meet the Home Health Licensure requirements for a Supervisor.

 Does Outreach provide all financial arrangements in writing, with a copy for me?

Yes, financial responsibilities will be explained and agreed upon before services begin and you will have those in writing.

 Can I make changes to my initial schedule?

Yes, you may make changes as needed. It helps to implement changes at the beginning of a two-week period but we are flexible.

 Can Outreach give me a complete list of the services you provide as well as their prices?

Yes, upon request or discussion. But you can also see a list of possible services on our Home Care Services page.

 What screening does Outreach do before a caregiver is placed with my loved one?

Our practice is to do a Needs Assessment and a Home Safety Inspection and then coordinate a plan of care with the client and/or family.

 Does Outreach have a Quality Assurance method or program?

Yes, as Outreach is a Licensed Home Care Agency by the State of Texas, it integrates a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement program led by Registered Nurses and includes the leadership of every office.

 What type of training has the Outreach staff received?

All staff are trained on their particular job when hired and then on-going training is provided by an Administrator and Director of Patient Care who is an RN.

 Does Outreach ensure my caregiver matches my needs, and provide a replacement if they do not?

Yes, as much as possible we match caregivers with our client’s need and do not mind finding a replacement if a particular caregiver is not working out. We make frequent visits and phone calls to. ensure your caregiver is meeting your expectations.