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Project Description

Self-Directed Services is a Medicaid option that provides for greater control and personal preference in the delivery of your services. With this option, you take responsibility to locate, hire, and train the persons who will provide your services. You also maintain control of the Medicaid budget and how those funds are allocated for your specific services.

However, along with the benefits of greater control, the specific financial and reporting requirements can be difficult to manage. That’s where the Consumer-Directed Services division of Outreach Health Services can help. We provide the guidance, tools and financial reporting functions that can make this option a manageable reality.

  • YOU recruit & manage your own caregivers
  • YOU determine a schedule that best fits your needs
  • YOU train your caregiver to provide your care
  • WE perform criminal background checks for potential employees
  • WE pay & report payment of State and Federal taxes as required by the law
  • WE develop & maintain your budget based on your authorized service plan
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