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Wisconsin Self Directed Services

Outreach is excited to introduce Direct Care Innovations (DCI), a platform that will allow for easy and timely submission and approval of PHW hours worked. In addition to significantly reducing entry errors, it also has the added benefit of being Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) compliant.

Please note the different time entry methods based upon live-in status. 

Live-In: Login to the DCI Web Portal

Non-Live-In: Please download the iOS or Android app for EVV compliance

Employers for VerificationDCI Web Portal
DCI Mobile App
DCI Employee Portal Guide
DCI Employer Portal Guide
EVV Phone Guide
 For information on FFCRA, go to the bottom of the FORMS TAB

Outreach of Wisconsin is a subsidiary of Outreach Health Services, providing nationwide self-directed care and home care services for over 40 years. We support 8,000 participants, process payroll for 7,000 employees and are developing services in new states. Our main goal is to provide outstanding customer service. We believe it is our responsibility to provide the participant with the right support and training tools to manage his or her care successfully. Outreach supports participants to successfully manage their care:

  • Assisting with the completion of employer and employee forms
  • Providing easy to complete New Employee Packets
  • Accessing online systems for budget information, time entry, and reports (coming soon)
  • Providing employer training tools
  • Assisting with employer related tasks
  • Regular communication with the participant’s case manager
  • Processing payroll and taxes for participant employees
  • Reporting Medicaid Fraud and Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation to appropriate authorities